Bespoke Recruitment Solutions to meet your Business Needs

MYA Recruitment Solutions concentrates its expertise in dealing with the following fields

Technical & Engineering
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Training & Development
Supply Chain Management

MYA Recruitment Solutions is looking at placement of Oil, Gas & Marine Engineers and Management in growing markets from introduction level to facilities management. MYA Recruitment is looking to work with you on relationship based placements in the niche between recruitment agencies and head-hunters.

MYA Recruitment offer a professional service, with that personal touch of 1-to-1 service, attention to detail and practices working as a business partner to yourselves through researching your needs. If necessary helping refine the job specifications prior to going to search and evaluating candidates in a pre-screen. This saves candidate frustration and employers know they are getting the right candidate group facing them at interview.

From prior experience, MYA Recruitment Solutions knows there is a time pressure on employer to find the right new employee and it will take a minimum of three months from an internal post approval to an appointment to position; the aim of MYA Recruitment is to reduce this timescale where possible and alleviate the pressure on the internal recruiter through the close working relationship and the two key words that underpin MYA Recruitment: Honesty and Integrity. If MYA Recruitment does not have people who fit the profile on offer then they will not respond with someone that only partially fits the bill unless the client specifies they are looking at near matches as well.

MYA Recruitment Solutions only works with a small number of clients, so it does not spread itself too thinly and then compromise service quality. If you wish to contact MYA Recruitment Solutions with a job brief and request a call back please follow the link here.

Because of the close working relationship established by MYA Recruitment, your business can be helped in a number of ways in the recruitment area. It is always recognised that the world of work continues to change; few employees spend entire careers in one company. Most businesses can keep to a 3-4% annualised turnover rate in their staffing a flat year, in growing markets this has to be kept under control by good management. At MYA Recruitment we recognise that company’s can change just as much as employee’s needs alter, what were parallel symbiotic tracks then become divergent. Whilst many employees adopt to change and evolve with a company, others are moved on and have to be replaced or they take their lead in looking for new opportunities; because of its size and capability MYA recruitment can offer a confidential service if required.